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The Education Help Desk in the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indian Cultural Centre provides preliminary information on educational opportunities in India as well as on various training programmes and scholarships offered by Government institutions in India, which are coordinated by the Education Wing of the High Commission of India. Notable among these are:


The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme is administered by the Ministry of External Affairs of India under which countries from Asia, East Europe, Africa and Latin America are invited to share in the Indian developmental experience acquired over the last six decades. More than 35,000 foreign nominees from 156 countries have trained under this programme.  Forty Malaysian professionals attended training programmes in India in 2008 and around fifty are doing so in 2009. For more information, please visit:


Under the Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) of the Colombo Plan launched in July 1951, scholarships are offered to candidates from 15 countries, including Malaysia. Scholarships are offered for undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes leading to a Ph.D.  In addition, short-term training programmes are also offered for professionals in recognized training institutions in India. Sixteen Malaysian candidates attended training programmes in 2008, and around twenty-five are doing so in 2009. More information on the TCS of Colombo Plan can be obtained at:


Under this programme, Malaysian students of Indian origin are sent to India to tour places of cultural and tourist importance. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs reimburses 90% of the return air travel cost to India, and also covers complete cost of travel in India along with boarding and lodging for the duration of the programme. For more details, please visit:

For more detailed information on the above programmes and queries pertaining to education in India, please contact:

Education Wing,
High Commission of India,
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