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The Library and Resource Centre at the NSCBICC houses an interesting collection of the latest books on Indian history, polity, economy, art and culture. It has a particularly exciting collection of books on contemporary Indian literature. There is a large reference section with encyclopedias, dictionaries and coffee table books. While the bulk of the books are in English, there are a substantial number of Hindi and Tamil books too. There is a separate Children’s Corner and an Ayush Corner with books on traditional Indian medicine. The library collection is computerized with Librarika software and has search facility for users.

updated list of books will be available soon

Ayush – AYUSH Information Cells is set up at the NSCBICC by the Ministry of Health, Government of India. Public could gather useful information from the material kept at the Cell.

Readers also have access to Indian newspapers, magazines and journals in the reading room.



Membership is open to all with a security deposit of RM 105 and submission of the following documents:

  • Completed membership form
  • One passport size photograph
  • Photocopy of citizenship / passport / identity card

Members are allowed to borrow two books for a period of three weeks.

For more details please contact Ms Smita Theodore, Librarian at 03-22763492 or e-mail at [email protected]