A Collection of Documentary Films produced between 1981-2011

The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has been producing a number of excellent documentary films for over three decades. Some of these award winning films have been made by highly reputed film makers.

The Ministry is now devoted to the cause of promoting documentary cinema. A Catalogue of 300 documentary films produced between 1981 and 2011 has been brought out in order to improve access to the material. The Catalogue has been prepared in a manner that the information can be accessed according to name of Director, year of production or subject of film

A soft copy of the Catalogue has been placed in the “About Us” section of the Public Diplomacy Division website of Ministry of External Affairs and can be accessed at www.indiandiplomacy.in/AboutUs.aspx

With a view to improving access to the material, over 100 documentary films in a shorter 6 to 8 minutes version have been placed on YouTube channel and could be accessed at www.youtube.com/indiandiplomacy. All the interested viewers, cultural organizations, universities, cine clubs, film societies, etc are requested to send their comment/feedback to the Indian Cultural Centre at info.icc@indianhighcommission.com.my