Navarathri 2020 - NSCBICC KL

Webinar: 10th Malaysian International Conference in Holistic Healing of Cancer 2020. "Role of mind and spirituality in Cancer. Role of music in healing".

Carnatic music is one of the two principal streams of Indian classical music, which is broadly classified into Hindustani music, prevalent in North India, and Carnatic music, prevalent in South India. Carnatic music is based on the concept of shruti (pitch/tone) and laya (rhythm). It comprises devotional songs in praise of God or the king of the particular composer’s period. The musical repertoire taught at the NSCBICC includes Swaravali, Datuvarasi, Jantivarasi, Alankara, Pellari Geeta, Sanchari Geeta, Lakshna Geeta, Swarajethi, Jatiswara, Varnam, Keethane, Kruti, Devaranama and Tillanas.


Visalakshi Nityanand

Traditional Carnatic music has always lent itself to various innovations over a period of time and has metamorphosed into the form as it exists today. The lineage that I represent has constantly encouraged these innovations and has instilled in me this value.

I am the daughter and disciple of Trivandrum Sri. R. S. Mani, a senior disciple of Semmangudi Sri. R. Srinivasa Iyer. I had the privilege of learning from my father’s Guru as well. My quest for music later took me to Trivandrum Sri. R. Venkatraman and Sri. T.K. Govinda Rao.

Over the years I have crafted a style of performance that is my own. This has been carved out of the sounds that I have heard and absorbed over the years. I have bought to light several Kritis of contemporary composers as well as those of composers of yesteryear. All of them carry the stamp of my style and are hugely appreciated.

I have a Masters in Indian Music from the University of Madras with a gold medal. I have over the years given various lecture demonstrations and have presented many thematic concerts. Two such concerts were supported by Citibank N.A.

To further the reach of Carnatic music I have now shifted my focus to Western music, which lends itself to the many musical innovations that I have in mind. Towards this goal I have been seeking like-minded artistes. I have compiled an album with John ‘Kaizen’ Neptune, an American Sakhuhachi player, entitled ‘Bamboo Magic’. I had a gig at the Unwind Centre, Adyar, Chennai with Keith Peters on the bass, Donald Murray on the guitar, Mathew Petite on the trombone and Jeoraj George on the drums. This programme was sponsored by the U.S Consulate. I also had the opportunity to jam with Boriana Dimitrova from Germany. On both the occasions the audience response to my voice and enthusiasm has been spontaneously joyful. I have recently collaborated with BuJazzO the best Jazz orchestra from Germany.

I won the AIR competition in 1986 and received the prize from Bharat Ratna Smt. M. S. Subbalakshmi. I am an ‘A’ grade artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan and an empanelled artiste and performer –teacher of ICCR . I was on the panel of the Local Audition Committee of AIR Chennai. Guest faculty at Kalakshetra Foundation 2016 - 2018.


Phones: KL Mobile –+ 011626365490 Mobile: whatsapp: +91 9962552187


High Commissioner's message and a short video on World Music Day.

25th - 26th January 2019

172 Thyagaraja Aradhana was held in collaboration with NSCIBCC and Sangeetha Abhivrithi Sabha Kuala Lumpur organised by Mrs.Nagalakshmi Chella. On 25th Group rendering of Thyagaraja Pancharatna was held with participation & Students of ICC - Kuala Lumpur.On 26th January 2019 Smt. Visalakshi Nityanand gave a vocal concert.

From Left to right:

Mrs.Visalakshi Nityanand, Tun.Mrs.Damayanthi and Mrs. Nagalakshmi Chella.

February 9th 2019.

Aloka Fine Arts in collaboration with NSCBICC Kuala Lumpur — Tamizh Isai vizha was held as a
part of their graduation day. Set Visalakshi Nityanand presented a comparative study of the works
of St.Arunagirinadhar and St.Thyagaraja. Students of ICC,Kuala Lumpur sang on the occasion.

17th February 2019

Papanasam Sivan - Competiton on the composers’ compositions was held in which three of ICC -Kuala Lumpur students won prizes.

From Left to right:

Mr.Prasanna Vittal Pang, Smt. Visalakshi Nityanand, Dr.Guhan Raman Mr. Natarajan Subramaniam, Mr.Hari Hara Sultan - Programme Officer - ICC Kuala Lumpur and Mr.Karthia Kumar.

3rd March 2019

A work Shop on “Why Carnatic Music” was held in Mrs.Sunandini Pattu’s residence, a disciple of Trivandrum.R.SMani and has been teaching the children Carnatic Music for many years.

Some of the notes taken by students and parents during the workshop. The best were selected and given prizes.