Certificate Course Level – II

144 Hrs - Weekly 3Hrs


        8 to 10 in 2 speeds with Tisram

       Ata tala in 2 speeds any one

Kirtanam: 8 to 10

       Tyagaraja, Syama SastriMuthuswamy Dikshithar,

       Tamizh Composers – GopalakrishnaBharathi, Papanasam Sivan and others

Kritis: 2 to 5

       Tyagaraja, Syama SastryMuthuswamy Dikshithar, Maharaja SwathiThirunal

       Tamizh Composers – Gopalakrishana Bharathi, Papanasam Sivan and Others.

TyagarajaPancharatnam: 3 to all 5

KalpanaSwara: in 2 speeds of student’s choice.

Neraval: in 2 speeds of students’ choice.

Raga Alapana: in any raga of students’ choice

Virutam Singing: The art of virutam singing.


       72 Melakarta detailed

       Dasa vida gamakas

       Important terms used in Carnatic Music 20 to 30

       Instruments and their construction and usage.

       Life history of composers.

       Notating – notations